Faded Green Fairy Door - 9" tall x 5" wide

$4.00 USD


Product Description

SIZE: 9" tall x 5" wide
Custom sizes available on request.

I've seen fairy doors for years, lovely creations you can add to trees, rocks or other locations in your yard to give an enchanted look to your backyard and to suggest it's inhabited by the wee folk.

But what about the more civilized fairies? It's obvious that with so many human homes about now that some have moved indoors and are sharing space with us? Shouldn't they have a door of their own? A way to get inside your wall? Not all of them are content to use mouse holes anymore.

To this end I've created the Fae Door Series, a collection of doors for your walls and other sundry spots about the house, places where you know you've got fairy living. I hope you like them, I've love to hear your comments.

The design is printed on high quality vinyl and may be applied to any clean smooth surface including: walls, cabinet doors, wood furniture, glass, plastic, metal and more.

Installation is easy, I include a simple step by step instruction sheet with each order that includes photos.

If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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Faded Green Fairy Door - 9" tall x 5" wide Faded Green Fairy Door - 9" tall x 5" wide

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