dcd Disconnected Vinyl Bumper Sticker

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Product Description

Decal Size:4.3" wide x 3" tall

If you play games online very much then you know the joy of being disconnected at some crucial moment. Perhaps you were about to cast that final spell to kill a Boss, or were in the middle of jumping over a particularly dangerous trap...

...and poof...you can't move, your character is suspended in mid motion and you know its inevitable...you'll log back in only to find you are now a corpse and the Boss has regenerated back to full health.

Let others know you're disconnected when you out and about with this dc'd bumpersticker.

If none of this made sense to you but you know an avid online gamer, get this for them as a gift, they'll get it and love you for finding some quirky reminder for them of the tough times to be had in their virtual worlds.

dcd Disconnected Vinyl Bumper Sticker

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